Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Showers!

I've hosted 2 baby showers, and flown to Vegas for another this summer (technically spring):

Danielle's Shower:

I got invited to my friend Danielle's baby shower in Las Vegas. At first I thought, "Bummer! Vegas! That's too far away." But then I looked up flights on Southwest, and thought "well, that's doable…" So I went! It was a lot of fun. Honestly, there's not a ton an 8 ½ month pregnant girl can do, so I helped her set up her nursery, wash new clothes, etc. Very relaxing. (I also got to go shopping at H&M, but that's another story, $300 later…)

Her 4 year old daughter and I discovered the balloon static trick and put all the balloons on the ceiling. I think at one point she had 5 stuck to herself. I'll post a video when I find it.

Here is Danielle with her cute prego belly loving everyone's presence and presents.

Chelsea's Shower:

(pictures and story to come here...they're at home, I think)

Brianne's Shower:

The second shower I hosted was my friend/neighbor/old roommate Brianne's shower. She was due mid July, and had a baby girl, Isabelle.

Here she is next to her friend Nicole.

We played the tummy string game, where each person would cut a piece of string guessing how big her tummy was, and whoever was closest got a prize. She was 40" small. As you can see from the background, a LOT of people showed up. We have a 3-seat and a 4-seat couch, 6 dining chairs, and 6 camping chairs out, and they were all full. Good thing we have a large living room!

Of course the main event: PRESENTS! She got a lot of great loot!


The Fleming Family said...

I'm so glad you came! It really meant a lot and it was so fun to have you here! (And thanks for your help.) Yeah, I could have done more if I wasn't dilated to a 3 and supposed to last a couple more weeks! Wow...I am so glad all that is over!
(I wish you had a better picture. I feel like I look swollen. Maybe I was.....)

Chelsea said...

What kind of post IS this?!?

Smart Helm said...

Man.. I know I left a comment on this yesterday! I was elequent and funny. Shoot.

Something about coming to Vegas and not telling me.

Apparently today I'm not as elequent as I was yesterday.