Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alex’s Farewell

Alex went on a mission! I never even blogged about it! Why? Yes, because I had no pictures. A blog about a mission farewell is a little dull without pictures. He entered the MTC on Feburary 4th to prepare for his mission to Frankfurt, Germany!

Here's the video of him opening his call (I'm filming, yes I jumped up and down and yelled…sorry)

Here is the traditional MTC sign picture. The shadows of the trees were a little strange across his face, but, oh well.

He then got his name badge thinger, and yes, there it is. His Dork Dot! Mahahaha. I speak of this as if I've been on a mission and have experienced the dork dot, but I haven't. I still like to pretend that it's really funny though.

Alex liked to pretend that he was pretending like it wasn't funny.

Here are my three brothers. They're my favorite brothers ever. The big question is, will Alex be the tallest, or will Daniel?

Alex and our parents.

My last picture with Alex, pre-fluency in German. Yes, he's my "little brother".

Last but not least: How many people does it take to un-sew the pocket of a suit jacket and put the name badge clip on?

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Smart Helm said...

Congrats to Alex! I remember him as a little boy.

Sigh. Where does the time go?