Monday, August 4, 2008

My Turn

As you can see, Dave is officially one of the "contributers" to this blog, but he never writes. Therefore I reserve the right to write whatever I want. Every once in a while, when I get tagged for something and I want to do it, I will. :) Of course I'll try to keep the majority of posts about our life together.

The rules:
  1. List three items in each category
  2. Tag three other people you would like to hear from
  3. Get to know your friends and family
  1. Coming home and seeing Dave at the end of the day
  2. Having a working kitchen sink (the water comes out the faucet and goes down the drain!)
  3. Playing with my Mary Kay makeup
  1. Death of someone close to me (hasn't happened yet, and I know it's bound to, so I always get terrified when people do stupid reckless stuff)
  2. Spiders, Spiders, Spiders, and more Spiders. Even the dead ones. Thank goodness for spider spray from Home Depot, and a good vacuum!
  3. Cops - they give me the hibijibis
  1. Near Future: Get a better job, build my Mary Kay business, and get a mutt puppy from the pound
  2. Future: Get a house, get Dave through school, move out of Utah, have kids and speak German to them, and live in a German-speaking country for a year or more
  3. Distant Future: Travel the world
  1. I buy a porcelain doll every time I go to Germany/Austria (So far I have two...)
  2. The color blue. I am almost ALWAYS wearing something blue, and if I were to pick between two of the same thing and one was blue in color, I'd pick that one.
  3. I have a very small collection of books that I'm working on enlarging. Whenever I would fly to Lake Tahoe, I'd buy one in the airport, read it on the plane, and on the beach.
  1. I use my upper lip to plug my nose as I swim.
  2. I'm allergic to avocados and cantaloupe.
  3. I can whistle two notes at the same time
  1. Brianne
  2. Julie
  3. Tracy

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The Fleming Family said...

Actually garbage trucks arent my phobia anymore. i dont know what my problem was...but it seems that I am over it. (I think that it was because i had to drive by the dump every day with HUNDREDS of garbage trucks! ...there is only one dump in all of Las Vegas!!) Anyways, I was wondering next time you are on if you could see if you think my comp still has a virus. I have tried to clean it up and got everything running and looked around and I hope its gone. So let me know. And thanks for the heads up!! I dont want it to die or attack someone else's! (How funny! Like computers are evil and attack things. lol) Ok, I will shoot you an email soon. I havent sent the check yet because I need more stuff now. :-)