Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gas Rumors

I've heard the rumor that semi trucks are skimping on the refridgeration in their trucks in order to save on gas. In connection, I've also heard that people are having food go bad before the expiration date. ("I came back as a bag of groceries Accidently taken off the shelf Before the date stamped on myself..."?)

I don't know if these rumors are true, but yesterday I made macaroni and cheese in our gourmet kitchen with tools all over the floor. I cooked the noodles and drained them. I added the margerine and the cheese and stirred. I took the milk out of the fridge, and yes, it had gone bad. After I dumped it down the drain, I found out that our upstairs neighbors didn't have any milk either. Time to compromise. I added my secret ingredient and enjoyed half of the box of mac-ee-moni-and-cees. Dave came home and ate the rest not knowing about the lack of milk and the secret ingredient and agreed that it tasted...like macaroni and cheese.

I bet everyone is dying to find out what my secret ingredient is. I put in some whipped cream from a can in instead of milk! But now that I've told you, I'll have to kill you

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Chelsea said...

Whipped cream? Gross! Might as well add mayonnaise, it's the same color!