Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lazy bum whoopla

I've been in a funk lately where I don't feel like doing anything, and I'm always tired. I decided to fix that.

First of all, I decided that a constant bedtime would be logical, as well as a constant wake up time. So this month, it's my goal to go to bed at 10:00pm every night and get up at 6:00am every morning. Yes, that means Saturdays and Sundays too. Although I might allow myself 7:00am on those mornings. Hopefully this will help my productivity level. It is also said that people that have a regular sleeping pattern are less tired throughout the day. I could definitely use that.

Last night I think we made it to bed at 10:30. So close... But I couldn't go to sleep until about midnight. Amongst the crickets having a hay day outside the window, the dog running around upstairs, the TV on upstairs, and not being used to going to bed earlier, I couldn't sleep.

Another thing missing in my life is exercise. Every day I walk to either the car or the bus, and then from the car or bus to work, where I sit on my tush all day at a computer. I thought about my options:

  • get up at 5:00am to run
  • run in the evening after getting home from work
  • go to the gym on the way to or from work
  • ride my bike the 11.2 miles to work

I picked the last option. Well, sort of. I decided that I could ride the 7 miles 90% downhill to BYU, and I would catch the bus from there. So we left the house at 7:05. It was pretty windy because of the impending thunderstorms, and only when it was uphill ironically. Dave would push me slightly up the hills to lift the burden a little bit. My favorite part was going down the diagonal hill. When we got to the intersection of Avenue and Parkway some girl had just hit a pedestrian girl with her car! The girl wasn't severely hurt, just limping a little bit, and the other girl drove her to the medical center. It added a little bit of excitement to the ride. By the time we got to campus, my bus had for sure already come and gone and it only comes once an hour. So I decided to keep riding until the next bus came, if it took that long. Turns out it didn't take that long. Dave came with me all the way out to work. It was a fun bike ride, but I am definitely going to be sore after an hour and ten minutes of bike riding. 11.2 miles in an hour and 10 minutes turns out to be about average of about 9.65 miles per hour (so my coworker informed me).

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LisaBC~ said...

Hey Sarah!
You could your bike to any stop on your bus route to work, depending on how many miles you have decided to ride that week.
Love you!