Friday, December 2, 2011

Joshua Overload 7

 I made a skeleton out of milk jugs for the trunk-or-treat this year, and then hung it on our door as decoration as well.
 I decided last minute that I would spiderwebify our porch again. I think it looks more spiderwebby than it did two years ago when I did it.
 Who wouldn't love walking through those to get to the candy!?
 And then we left and went trick-or-treating in a different neighborhood. :) We got 0 trick-or-treaters. Our street never really gets any. Everyone goes to nicer neighborhoods.
 I made Joshua a pumpkin costume for Halloween this year.
 We took him to Opa and Grandma's house for some pictures.
 He loved the Sugar Babies the best because they made a great sound.
 Here is a full shot of his costume. The orange fabric was free off of Freecycle, I spent about $2 on the rest of the costume (the green fleece).
 Ok, I can't put captions for all these pictures, so just here are some selections from the photo shoot:

Floating elephant!


Jenny said...

I'm so impressed at your costume making skills! It's the best homemade costume! So cute!

The Fleming Family said...

That is a cute costume! You did a great job!! That's sad about no trick or treaters. Maybe once you buy a house you will get some. Oh well I guess. More candy for you!!