Thursday, December 1, 2011

Joshua Overload 6

Mid-October we took a trip down to St. George to fix some computers for one of our clients. I think we got them a new server and some new/used computers for their office. Here are some pictures from that trip:
 Here is Dave's "work station." We go on vacation to work in our family.
 This is Joshua's "work station." He put in a lot of hours on these bad boys.
 "Don't interrupt me mom, I'm hard at work."

 We even went swimming a little bit in the pool. It was plenty warm enough for it. We were both getting over colds though, so we didn't swim long. Ok, actually I just sat on the edge of the kid pool, and Joshua sat on my lap splashing away. He had a blast.
 Drying off and warming up.
 "Please, no pictures."
 "Ok, actually I just want your camera." As you can see, now that he is more mobile, it wasn't as safe to leave him on the chaise longues...soooo...
We finished drying off in the grass.

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