Friday, June 10, 2011

Project Finish Projects

We got lovely shelves to put up in the side of the Nursery/Office/Craft Room that's the Office/Craft Room side so that I could get the boxes of stuff everywhere organized and out of the way.

Once I started going through things and putting them on the shelves, I realized just how many projects I have started but not finished. Including: some skirts I tried to make in high school, a fire inspired quilt, a jeans quilt, a wool blanket quilt, my couches, curtains for the dining room, curtains for the living room, too-short pants to make into capris/shorts, etc.

So I decided to dedicate some time to finishing up projects that I've started.

On Monday I had a friend come over to borrow my cutting mat and rotary cutter. I figured while the stuff was out, I might as well do something with it. So I got out the jeans I had started cutting up into squares.

Tangent - I started cutting up these jeans into squares a few weeks ago when I put up the shelves and somehow spending two days holding the ruler in place while cutting squares injured my wrist, and it still hurts! boo...hiss...I need a gypsy gripper!

Getting some inspiration from the zig-zag quilt on my cousin's really cute blog (don't be fooled by the pinwheels in the first picture). I set to work. I matched up all the dark squares with all the light squares to make the zig-zags. What I forgot to take into consideration was that by making a 7" square into a square made of two triangles with a 1/4" seam I lost half an inch, so I had 70 squares that were 6.5" and 60 squares that were 7". Whoops.

But hey, it's my first quilt (rag quilts don't count), so I figure what the heck, who cares!? I'll just try not to look too closely at it whenever we use it for picnics, fireworks, camping, etc.

So all week I've been hard at work sewing the squares into strips, and then the strips to each other and I finished today!

Now the problem is that I don't have fabric for the back or binding, nor do I have any batting...but that will have to wait. So I really just got further along in the process of the project, but I'm considering that done!

I can't decide on what to work on next. I have two of the three curtains in the living room done, so they're unmatching and obvious. The couch takes the cake on unmatching and obvious. I only have one pair of shorts currently and it'd be nice to have another. Shall I put it to a vote? (See poll on right)

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Lydia said...

Quilt looks awesome!! I voted for your shorts because it would be something fun for you to wear...but I am dying to see your couches!! Good luck!!