Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ok, so I check my email, facebook, and blogs that I follow almost daily, and I usually click the "new post" button about as often, but for some reason I never get around to actually posting.
I'm biting the bullet and posting about SOMETHING to hopefully get myself back into the groove.
Today I bought a stroller. I am very excited for it to come so I can go out on walks and *gasp* even runs. I'm a little nervous about getting back into shape since I'm the least in shape I've been since ever, literally. So far this year if I walk anywhere, I do so slowly, since I'm usually carrying Joshua, either in my arms or in my baby bjoern, and I don't want to jostle him too much.
I was super excited for my new stroller to come on Thursday so I could test it out. Turns out I forgot to click the final "place order" button on amazon until about an hour ago, so it won't be arriving until Friday. At least the shipping is still free!
So, here's the link to the stroller that I purchased. (Thank you Grammy and Papa, who never read this!...yes I will write them a thank you note, too.)
And here's a picture, if you don't feel like clicking on the link.


Chelsea said...

Jogging strollers are funny. I mean, you can go jogging or you can go strolling, but what would be a jog-stroll? I'm excited for you to be able to go on one, though.
It looks like a good one!

Annette said...

Nice Stroller! i just love my Baby bjoern

Mike + Mo said...

This makes me really really excited for my baby shower... I hope I get a coolio stroller too!

The Kent Family said...

You will love having a jogging stroller! It was one of my favorite baby purchases when I just had one child. I actually did run with mine quite a bit and it was great! It also handles well in the snow, which was nice since we walked everywhere back then.

Sean and Jennie said...

Very nice stroller!

Smart Helm said...

Looks very nice.. I like the compact ones. Are you jealous of Chelsea's?

Amy said...

Yay, I LOVE my jogging stroller. They're pretty dang fantastic!