Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goal Update

Remember how I made a post about the goals I have made? I just thought I'd do a quick update on how I'm doing on those goals.
Clean house up and out - I have started with this. I went through my clothes as I put my summer and maternity clothes away and as I got a new dresser. I also went through the shelves above our closet when we got the new dresser. My brother is living with us for a few months as he is in post-mission limbo. That should motivate me to go through the junk upstairs so that he has an actual place to stay rather than just on the couch in the living room. I started to go through the stuff upstairs last week.
Craft/Decorate - I made two curtains out of 5 for the front room. I haven't gotten anywhere on the couch cushions. I found our family picture (Dave's family), but discovered that the frame I had set aside for it was too small. I still need to hang my yearly calendars up. I did a lot of stamping and card making about a month ago, but haven't picked it up since. It's a start.
Develop schedule - If you count sleeping in every day a schedule, then I'm set. Joshua pretty much sets my schedule, yet I have a little control over his. I follow the Eat Activity Sleep pattern more or less. I have started doing laundry every Friday, which corresponds with my TV shows being on hulu, so I can watch them while I fold the clean laundry.
Save money - I guess I've done some of this. We're working on getting the heater fixed so we don't spend as much on gas every month. We discovered a gaping hole in the main duct coming from the heater, so we're heating two rooms in the basement that don't need heating rather than our house.
Get in shape - I've been trying to eat better and make healthier foods for Dave. This includes some Indian dishes I've been trying out. We've also been having better breakfasts to start our day. I literally just made an exercising group on facebook to hopefully get some moral support in getting in shape. Also I was introduced to this website by a friend, although I'm a bit intimidated by it when I get out of breath walking a few blocks these days. I bought a stroller last week, which should also help motivate me to get out and exercising.
Read lots - Check. I've been reading the book group books as well as a few from my own shelves including Hunger Games, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and...uh...that's it.
Hopefully by this time next month, I will have more to report.


Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

I say, take it easy on yourself as far as the exercise goes... one step at a time :)

Lisa~ said...

How's the heat duct repair going? That might save you oodles of $$. :-)