Friday, July 9, 2010

Dave's Weekend Project

Dave had to stay home from my little trip to New Mexico to work, unfortunately. And then I went and took Monkey with me, too, so he was completely alone! Poor, lonely Dave!

One good thing about having Monkey gone with me was that it left the backyard wide open for Dave's weekend project.

Our backyard was about half grass, a quarter dirt, and a quarter weeds. Mix in some holes that Monkey had dug. So Dave cleared out and leveled everything. Unfortunately I don't really have a "before" picture, but here's after all the grass and weeds (except my sunflower) were removed and the holes filled in.

Then Dave bought some sod from somewhere and had a few friends come over to help him lay the sod. I'm pretty sure it was hot and tiring work. What an awesome husband I have!

Here's an "after" picture with all the sod laid:

The grass is growing together nicely, and there are only a few dead spots from the top layer of sod on the pallet. We may go petition the sod company to replace the ones that were dead. Dunno. I'm hoping it's "walkable" soon so we can actually go out and enjoy it. Monkey already enjoys it all the time, and even discovered that she could pull up the sod and dig UNDER it, but that was highly discouraged by us when we caught her in the act. Bad dog!

Dave also fixed the sprinkler system by replacing the sprinklers so that the sod won't die. Monkey loves chewing up the old pieces of sprinkler system. This one made her look like she was using a snorkel. Then with the flash, her eyes turned fluorescent, so she looks like an alien dog visiting from another planet using a snorkel! What a silly dog.

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Kevin said...

How nice and green! You could go lay on it... if there weren't dog poos all over it. :)