Monday, October 12, 2009


What!? Me!? no.

However, Dave's parents have a dog that is. So we might get a "whoopsie" puppy in a few months. 17 or 18 weeks...that's about 4 months, right?

We don't know exactly what kind the puppies are yet. 1/2 pitbull for sure, because that's what the mommy puppy is (it was her first heat). So the puppies could be 1/2 beagle, or full pitbull, or unknown. I'm pretty excited!

Our landlady is a family friend of Dave's, so they'll allow us to have 1 dog. YAY!

Here's the mommy puppy (left) and possibly the daddy dog (right):

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Michael + Molly said...

OH MY GOSH! They are gonna be the cutest puppies! UGH! I wish Michael liked doggies enough to own one.... you gotta post pictures when they are born!