Friday, October 2, 2009

Big News!

Ha! Ha! Made you look!

What's that you say? I haven't blogged in a long time!? Shame on me!

We've had a lot of big changes lately.

First of all, we finally bought a coffee table for all the coffee we drink. It sits in front of our very ugly, comfortable couch in the living room. We got it for a whopping $25, and it has wheels on it! The top has pieces of slate in it, so need to worry about coasters.

We got a new fridge! Well, our landlords let us get a fridge that we picked out, and we get to take the price out of our rent—even better huh? Let me show you the amazing features it has:

The freezer has shelves, both in the door and in the…not…door…part.

The fridge has a light! …and drawers!

And it's bigger. Actually, it barely fits. Actually, we can't get the cupboards above it open any more. Hmmm.

Here's what our old fridge looks like. Yes, I haven't finished emptying it yet.

Last week I turned a year older. I got all sorts of wonderful presents to celebrate being 1 day older than the day before. It's really the best holiday ever. I think it should be an internationally observed holiday. The things that were perishable I don't have pictures of (helium balloons, twix bar, half-wilted flowers, and the pineapple upside-down cakes I made, yes, plural cakes) but here's everything else:

Dibs from the vending machine at work from my student employees who sang loudly to me.

Dave got me the flowers and a large pinata and a very large birthday card.

I made myself a pineapple upside down cake.

And then I got a plethora of gifts from Dave's parents:

Squirt, our hamster also got to enjoy some of the spoils of my birthday. I bought him a new wheel for sanity while I'm trying to sleep. Here's his new silent spinner wheel:

I've also been busy making rag quilts for friends having babies. This one was for our neighbor Risa, who moved to D.C.

This one is for our friend Michelle. Her baby shower was on Oct. 1st, so I'm trying to finish it asap. *UPDATE*: I finished it on Saturday right before I broke my sewing machine (not un-fixable, but it had to go to the shop) then she happened to have her baby on Saturday as well, so I'm delivering it to her and the brand new baby today!

To cap it all off, here's a cute video from when we went to Penny's baby blessing.


Trina said...

Your new fridge looks exactly like the one that we had until a few months ago when we switched apartments in our apartment complex. Now we have a smaller, overflowing, crapy fridge, but better other things. The trade off's.
Oh, and I hope I'm you friend who's having a baby! Don't know what yet, but should in about a month. Just kidding, but very cute blankets!!

Lisa~ said...

I love your "coffee" table! Where did you find such a good deal??
Nice fridge! I guess you checked to see if the feet could be made shorter, right?
Looks like Squirt enjoys his new wheel! :-)
Is Chelsea going to get one of your quilts?

Chelsea said...

Ooh, a plant AND a toilet brush?!? How could you contain your excitement so long to blog about it 6 days after the fact?!?!?! Ha ha!

Tess said...

You should totally teach me how to make a quilt like those...they are very cute. I even have a sewing machine. Happy late Birthday!

Smart Helm said...

Way cute blanket! How do u make it?

Happy Birthday to you.

tappens said...

Hey you! I'm sorry about the switch... we just feel like it's a better fit for us. We're lame, I know.

I had no idea you were so crafty and artistic! Those quilts are great! And I wish you the best of luck with the dresses. I've started watching Project Runway, but I still don't have any fashion advice. Weird, huh?