Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vroom Vroom

Have you ever called your boss to see if she could get someone to give you a ride to work…an hour late? I just did.
Let me start at the beginning. For the next two months, we have the wellness challenge to walk 8,000 steps a day with an average of 40,000 a week. The first week was last week and I quickly realized how much I don’t walk around with a desk job. Dave walked enough every day easy. So this week I decided to ride my bike to work every day to help me get my steps in (there’s a conversion chart). Monday and Tuesday went well. Today I’m going somewhere right after work, so I decided it’d be best if I drove, so I wouldn’t be late.
Let’s back up again. On Monday we went to my niece’s 4th birthday party. Erik made his famous orange chicken. YUM! And then she opened presents. While we were there, Dave had Erik listen to the BMW engine with his special stethoscope, because it was making a strange noise. Turns out the something pulley was wobbling loose. So we decided to park it when we got home, until it’s fixed and sold. Dave is finally as fed up with it as I am. Wait, no, I shouldn’t say as fed up, more like, he is just fed up as well.

On our way home, the engine threw the serpentine belt on the freeway. Yikes! We were hoping we’d make it home on battery instead of alternator. Yeah right. Without the coolant circulating the engine quickly overheated and we had to pull off the road. We left the car there overnight and secretly kinda hoped that it would get stolen. Anyway, turns out it might just need a couple new bolts. I do believe we can afford bolts. Since the BMW is out of order, Dave’s been driving the Nissan, because it had gas in it, and I’ve been riding my bike, because it doesn’t take any gas.

I went out to the Honda to drive to work this morning, and, you guessed it, it didn’t start. I couldn’t call Dave because he’s working in the temple this morning. My neighbors were all gone at work. So I called my boss and said “hey, my car won’t start, can you send someone to pick me up?” So one of my student employees checked out one of the cars and came and got me. Now I just have to figure out how to get to where I’m going after work.
I think broken cars are contagious.


Smart Helm said...

Its true. Cars are a drain one way or another. Either u pay out of ur nose for a new one or you pay for the repairs of an old one.

Well.. at least we don't have to feed animals to get around :-)

Matt said...

Oh my goodness, you poor dear. I'm sorry.

Danielle said...

Oh no! Well at least you are going to actually sell the BMW since it breaks all the time. Good luck getting something new that works!

Downtown said...

Oh man, that sounds like a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day! I miss you all! Which employee picked you up?

Melisa said...

So we caught "broken car flu" from you! Dang!