Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lost, Broken Peaches


We went to Ohio a couple weekends ago to go to Cedar Point (yes, I’ll blog about it once I get the pictures off my phone…). On the way there we had a layover in Denver. I don’t know about you, but I love the Denver airport. It’s a big maze of moving sidewalks. Maybe it’s all the times I’ve been delayed there for hours and hours and entertained myself by walking around on the miles of moving sidewalks (could that be why it’s called the mile high city?). As our plane was taxi-ing out to fly to Detroit, they told everyone to turn off their cell phones, so being the obnoxious person I am, I poked Dave and reminded him a ton of times to turn off his cell phone. When we landed in Detroit I realized that…nope, I never turned my cell phone off. In fact…nope. I didn’t even have my cell phone. I left it in the Denver airport! :-( I’ve emailed the airline lost and found and the airport lost and found a billion times, and they don’t have it either. So I’ve been almost 2 weeks without a cell phone, hoping that it will turn up somewhere. I might cave and use Dave’s old one soon.
But today I finally got around to changing my voice mail message. It now says: “Hey, this is Sarah. I lost my phone so that’s why you’re listening to this right now instead of talking to me. If you want to talk to me, please call me at work or on Dave’s phone. I’m at work all day and sometimes with Dave in the evening and weekends. My work number is XXX-XXX-XXXX and Dave’s number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. If you don’t actually want to talk to me, leave me a message, or just hang up. Thanks! Bye!”
Teehee, I’m so clever.


Our downstairs neighbors had to move out. They’ve been living there for 4+ years. I have mixed feelings. I don’t miss the Mexican polka music coming up through the vents, or the smells of whatever it is they’re cooking, or burning. Dave’s really excited to have the garage for his jeep. It’s awesome to not ever get blocked in by their cars, and great that I don’t have to wonder what all the lint in the washer that gets all over my darks is from. Hopefully the next tenants will speak English.
I do feel bad for them though. They had to move because she lost her job. Stupid economy. And they weren’t terrible to have as basement neighbors.
A few days after they left I went to do some laundry. Our laundry room is downstairs in this creepy room that I have to not think about or I’ll freak out. The whole room is coated with spiderwebs that have lint all over them because the dryer isn’t hooked up to its vent tube—gives me the hibijibies. So I washed a huge load of towels. When I put them in the dryer, the dryer wouldn’t start. Awesome. I hung them to dry, and now they’re all crunchy, like towels get when you don’t dry them in the dryer. We investigated the problem on Memorial day because, well, we were out of clean clothes. Turns out all the electricity downstairs has been turned off. The washer is on our electricity, the dryer is on their electricity. That was very smart planning by the electricians.
So last night I washed a huge load of necessities that we are completely out of, if you know what I mean. Then when Dave got home (remember, I don’t have a phone) he called his parents (this is at like 11pm) to see if we could use their dryer. Fun.


To end on a good note, I’ve re-discovered canned peaches. They’re absolutely delicious. We bought a case of them on sale at Smith’s. I usually take a whole can with the can opener to work for my snack, to the great disappointment of Dave when he tries to make Chili-mac for lunch and there’s no can opener! (I chuckle)
Here’s a great secret—canned peaches chopped up to bits by a blender go amazing in pancake mix! Yum! You bite into the pancake and there are little bits of juicy fruity deliciousness. I don’t like blueberry pancakes, but oh man, I think peach pancakes are my favorite ever. They’re even better if you spread some cream cheese on them before pouring syrup on them. In fact I’m eating that right this minute. :-)


Tess said...

I'm phone-less too! Mine was in my pocket when our canoe tipped over. And I'm glad you like my airport...I'm rather fond of it myself.

Smart Helm said...

A moment of silence 4 ur phone..

I understand the loss of a phone. Its so sad! Good luck!

I like peaches too. Mm.. maybe I'll go open a can.

Ask Josh said...

I bought a case of peaches at Smith's too! I love the case lot sales they have on conference weekend right at the exact moment when it dawns on everybody that they haven't obeyed the admonition to build up their food storage.

Oh what joy it is.


Sara said...

Jealous that you went to Cedar Point...we're DYING to get moved to Ohio!