Thursday, October 9, 2008

Visiting Family

Last weekend was my Aunt R's recital. My Uncle K and Aunt E came into town for the recital. At the post recital get-together we discussed doing something as a whole extended family for the weekend. So I got ahold of all the extended family in the area I could think of and thus ensued a large Sunday dinner. Uncle K and Aunt E came over and cooked delicious Chinese food and Dave and I got to give our beautiful table its maiden voyage. We got this beautiful 4'x4' round solid oak table w/ two 2' leaves for one of our wedding gifts. It just needed to be re-finished. (I'd post before and after pictures of the table, but I haven't found my cord to my camera yet...beware, when I do, there will be lots of photos posted.) So we put the leaves in the table, covered it with our one table cloth, and I got out the beautiful dishes that Aleza made for us (THANK YOU ALEZA!). What I failed to consider was that the large table also came with large chairs which wouldn't allow for 13 people to sit around the table. It wasn't as big of a deal as I'm making it sound, but I just wanted to accentuate that there were 13 people at our house on Sunday for dinner. It was a fun dinner, not to mention DELICOUS. Yes, be jealous.

This weekend my parents are coming in town. I will be going to Park City Friday and Saturday for a Mary Kay national area conference. I'm hoping to be back in Provo for the BYU vs. UNM Homecoming football game, which my parents have bought us tickets for! FOOTBALL! Besides that, I'm not sure what the 'rents have planned for their trip, but I'm sure some fun fam adventures are on their way.

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