Saturday, September 13, 2008

Name Game

So you know how if you say a word often enough it starts sounding odd? Well on Tuesday, as I walked to the church for YW, I did this with my name. No I didn't walk down the street saying my name over and over and over and over, it was in my head. It is a very common name, and I've always thought of it as such, as well as plain and tall, and not as princess-y as it should. As I was saying it over and over to myself, I began to notice how odd it sounded (as is what happens) and started to wonder what it sounds like to other people, whether they've known me for a very long time, or as I introduce myself to them. Just a few thoughts I had walking down the street.


Danielle said...

I think your name is fine! I dont think it sounds weird. I think it flows very nicely.

Wayman said...

I think you should change it to sarah beautiful and tall!