Monday, May 23, 2011

The Bee's Knees

Last year a bumble bee flew into our fireplace (I'm assuming from the chimney) and got stuck there, since I have our fireplace covered with that plastic shrink-wrap stuff for windows to help weatherproof them, since we can't use our fireplace anyway. Yeah, last year we got three truckloads of firewood for free, then got our chimney inspected and were told that if we had a fire in the fireplace, our chimney, and then roof would catch on fire. So I covered it with shrink wrap to keep the drafts out in the winter.

Anyway, that poor bumble bee died and I never got around to taking off the shrink-wrap to get it out. The other day a whole hive of honeybees decided to pay their respects to the dead bumblebee. There were probably about 10 bees in there humming and buzzing around. Half of the honeybees got out one by one through a tiny hole at the top, and I caught them and put them outside. The rest died within an hour :( R.I.P.

And here's a video of the bees with me mumbling about something in the background


Lisa~ said...

So all the bees are gone now? Poor little things. :-( Did you figure out how to keep them from getting in at the top? I don't know if there is a way...

brenna said...

I love that the bee is still there! I remember you telling me about it awhile ago. Haha