Thursday, December 23, 2010

Leave you hanging

You may notice my countdown ticker thing on the side has been getting to very small numbers. For example, right now it says "2". 2 days until the baby is due. 2 days until Christmas.
Well, instead of leaving you hanging, I thought I'd do a quick update. There is no baby yet. I'm not done Christmas shopping yet, either.
On Monday my mom got into town and we've been going, going, resting ever since. We have done a lot of shopping, which means walking and being on my feet a lot. On Tuesday evening after our longest day out (Smith's, Old Navy, Harbor Freight, Taco Bell, Target, Nordstrom's), I was having more Braxton Hicks contractions, and stronger ones, but they didn't develop into anything. Yesterday I took it a little easier because I was exhausted, and my hips were actually a bit sore from all the walking on Tuesday.
We did go up to Temple Square to see the lights last night. Tip: If you ever want to go enjoy the lights in peace (without millions of people that you have to try not to run into), go while it's raining. It was so nice and peaceful to have temple square so empty.
So that's the update. Today we'll probably do more shopping. Right now (11 am) Dave and my mom are still sleeping. I should probably wake them up.


Mike + Mo said...

Dear Sarah,

Lets hope all this walking makes "us" go in to real labor...


Matt and Lisa said...

And?....What about today? Welcome baby Franz yet?!?


Carrie said...

you have a baby!!!! yeay! congrats!!!

Lydia said...

I have Finally gotten onto your blog...been trying for days but the dumb conection won't set!! Only to find out no post of baby...LoL Although Carrie says you have one now?!!? Yay!! Let's see the bundle and I hope you're doing great!!!! Congrats Mommy and Daddy!!