Friday, April 3, 2009

Small Things

So you know how throughout your day little things happen and you think, oh, I could totally blog about that, but then you think some more and realize that, no, that would be a very short post. That is the reason why I haven’t blogged in a while. Nothing eventful enough to devote a whole blog post has happened recently. Therefore, this post is dedicated to all those small things that have happened.

Story of the Pepsi

On Monday, Dave was invited to be a witness in my brother-in-law Kevin’s mock trial in a real courthouse. I was invited to come along, and there was free food involved, so of course I came, even with the daunting time spent sitting on a hard bench. I am hypoglycemic so I feel absolutely horrid if I don’t eat almost constantly all day. I can go about 3 hours after a meal without food before I break down. So not knowing whether the free food was before or after the mock trial, I packed my bag full of goodies, including a pepsi, and 2 pepsis to share. Everyone knows it’s rude to drink a can of pepsi when no one else around you has one. Turns out pregnant Chelsea didn’t want a swimming, kicking baby while she was trying to write her paper, or at all, and Kevin didn’t want one either, and Dave doesn’t drink caffeinated drinks. We also ate dinner before the mock trial, so I was fat and happy. On Tuesday at work I still had a plethora of snacks in my bag. I deposited the crackers, almonds, and granola bars into my desk drawer, then I saw the pepsis. I put one in the freezer and one in the fridge at work so I could drink one cold today, and drink one cold tomorrow. Anyone who knows me probably knows how the story goes from here. I promptly forgot about the pepsi in the freezer for a few hours. Have you ever frozen a carbonated drink? Luckily I remembered early enough to catch it before it got everywhere, but as I was carrying it back to my seat hoping that it wouldn’t actually explode even though the top was convex instead of concave, it began to explode. I found the closest garbage can and threw it in. By then the pepsi in the fridge was cold, so I drank that. Did I learn from my mistake? Of course not. I did the exact same thing the next day, only I remembered about it earlier, and the soda was salvageable.

Story of the Bruise

A bruise is a bruise is a bruise. A bruise by any other name would not be so purple. There are few things less frustrating than a painful bruise doesn’t turn purple. All the pain, no glory. Ok, it’s not even that cool of a story, but if the bruise showed up, it would be a lot cooler. We have a miniscule trap door in one of our kitchen cabinets so that we can hear if the laundry is running (well you better go catch it! Hahaha). I was going to put another load of laundry in, but before I venture into the creepy, dark, cobwebby basement, I like to know if my previous load is done for obvious reasons. I knelt down in the kitchen to check the trap door, and there was no noise, so I stand up and close the kitchen cabinet (did I mention our cabinets are metal? Who puts in metal cabinets in the kitchen!? I feel like I’m cooking on a tool bench.) and as I close it I stand up and start taking my first step towards the door. Recap: I’m closing the cabinet, and stepping. My thigh collides forcefully into the closing metal cabinet and gives me the biggest dead leg ever. Still hurts, no bruise. The end.

Story of the Countdown

do do doo doo… do do do do doooooo...We’re leaving together...

I find it a lot easier to get through tough times when I have something to count down to. Here are some of the things that are getting me through the next few months:

  • General Conference Tomorrow!!!
  • Monday - I'm taking 3 excel training classes, change of scene will be great.
  • Tuesday - Choral Assembly
  • April 12th - Easter! 3rd Annual Kiwanis Park Picnic w/ Brianne, Easter egg painting and dying.
  • April 17th – I’m going to Vegas to for Danielle’s baby shower
  • May – We’re going to Cedar Point, Ohio all expenses paid!
  • May 25th – Memorial day, paid day off
  • July 1st ish – Annual Lake Tahoe trip
  • July ? ish – Chelsea’s baby!
  • July 24th – Manassa, CO Pioneer Days


Smart Helm said...

Ur a great commentater on life...

Funny storys!

Lisa~ said...

Sometimes I think of things to blog about, too. That's as far as it ever gets.
Sorry about the hypoglycemia!
I got a lovely bruise on the back of my calf after snowboarding. :-)
Are you coming to Manassa in July?