Monday, July 14, 2008


The other week, I looked over our expenses. I went through all our accounts and added everything up in categories. #1 most expensive was rent, of course. #2 most expensive, I'm sure will not come as a surprise in this economy, was gas. We spent more than $400 on gas in the month of June. That equal about a tank a week or more. I work out near Springville and Dave works at BYU in the RB as well as all over the place for his other two jobs. Seeing how we live in North Orem (WAY north), we knew we would be spending a little more on commuting. Last month, Dave would ride his bike to work, and I would drive the car to work (I think I'd die if I tried to ride my bike that far...). After work, I would pick up Dave from the RB and we'd put the bike on the bike rack on the car. Apparently, this was a lot more driving than we expected.

In order to be more frugal, I bought a bus pass for $30 that is good until September 15 through BYU, even though I graduated already. :) Dave rides his bike every day to and from work. It takes me a little over an hour to get from North Orem to Springville, which used to take me 15-20 min via freeway. It takes Dave about 25 minutes to ride to work, and 35-40 to ride home. He also got a bus pass in case he can't ride his bike for some reason.

This morning, I had flashbacks of seminary days as I dazedly showered as fast as possible at 5:45ish and cooked breakfast in the toaster as I ran from room to room getting ready. Two thoughts ran through my head: "How on Earth did I do this every morning throughout high school even earlier than this!?" and "Well, if I survived seminary, I can do this too...if I get to bed earlier..." Dave was also up to turn on the sprinklers and help me. Hopefully we'll save $400 or so this month by not driving unless necessary. We'll see.

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Chelsea said...

That's awesome! Just think how much reading you can do on the bus(es). :)