Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blog Time!

Welcome to Dave & Sarah; Life of. Weird title, huh? We'll see if it sticks. We hope that our blog will be entertaining to all that read it. I (Sarah, who will be doing most of the blogging most likely) intend to include the funny, scary, sad, happy, and mediocre stories, so be officially warned.

Apparently blogging is the "married people" thing to do. Yes, we are going with the flow, taking the more traveled path, jumping off the bridge with everyone else, riding the band wagon, and blogging. Unfortunately we were terribly busy during the whole engagement and wedding time, so the subsequent posts are belated. Also, I would love to include images, videos, etc.

Enjoy! :)


The Fleming Family said...

Welcome to the married club...and blogging!! I love our blog! It is a great way to journal at the same time! How is married life? I havent talked to you since...it must be pretty good then... hehehehe.... I am glad that you got the gift! And I'm glad to hear that it was enjoyed by all. ;-) lol! Those books are awesome! They helped us and we didnt even think we had problems. ...but it is even better now. Check our blog often...we will yours. Also, I tried to go onto the gooberdiva one and we arent invited...so if you could send me the invite that would be great! Thanks!

The Fleming Family said...

P.S. Where can I see wedding pictures?

GooberDiva13 said...

:) I'll post some on here, but the majority are on facebook... There's not too much interesting on the gooberdiva one...mostly crazy dreams i've had, and rantings about computer thievery at work. but, i'll invite you asap. :)